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Car Accidents Archives

Older cars at a higher risk for fatal accidents

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has released research stating that drivers of older model cars are at a higher risk of dying in an accident. Specifically, cars manufactured at least 18 years ago are 71 percent more likely to lead to a fatal crash than those made three years ago or earlier. This may cause many in Louisiana and elsewhere to reconsider their options when searching for used cars.

Distracted driving may be prolific among younger drivers

Although motorists of all ages may feel concern and even irritation when they see another driver texting behind the wheel, approximately 33 percent of them feel confident in their own ability to simultaneously text and drive safely, according to a study conducted by Progressive Insurance . Because this particular attitude could lead to grave repercussions for everyone who shares the roadway, residents of Louisiana and other states may want to take note of additional study findings.

Collision warning systems shown to prevent car accidents

Some Louisiana drivers own vehicles equipped with certain warning systems that are saving lives. These particular systems include lane departure warnings and blind spot alerts. However, drivers across the nation have been slow to adopt the use of these warning systems even the advantages are clear.

Things to consider in a car accident settlement

Not many people give much thought to what is involved in a car accident settlement until they need one. There is a big misunderstanding that to file a claim for compensation, there must be an abundance of property damage, major injuries or death. However, it is possible for you to file a claim for compensation in a car accident situation when there is little to no property damage.

Legal delays for autonomous vehicles

Self-driving cars have been much anticipated by many Louisiana motorists. Many manufacturers believe that autonomous cars will be widely available across the United States within the next decade. Other observers are not so sure. There are a variety of problems facing the market, one of the most significant being questions regarding accidents and liability.

Are car accidents becoming more common?

If you had to guess, would you say that car accidents are becoming more common or less common? Logic would dictate that, as we advance as people and as technology gets better, we would see less accidents. We should improve as time goes on, not get worse. However, new data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration shows that this thinking isn't always right -- and it certainly doesn't apply to car accidents, at least not recently.

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