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Brain Injuries Archives

Slowing neuron growth after head injury may prevent epilepsy

Louisiana patients who suffered a traumatic brain injury may not have learned that the excessive growth of new brain cells that result from this type of injury may not be as beneficial as once thought. It was traditionally believed that the new brain cells helped in recovery, but a study now suggests that they could cause epileptic seizures and a long-term decline in cognition.

Women and concussions

Louisiana women should know that if they have a concussion, they may exhibit symptoms that differ from those of men with the same condition. However, research on the topic has been sparse as the majority of concussion research has prioritized male patients. There is not enough scientific information to determine the reasons women sustain more concussions and why their symptoms may last longer.

Research uses eye movements to detect brain injury

Louisiana residents who incur a traumatic brain injury may not be diagnosed immediately, but research presented at the Minnesota Brain Injury Alliance conference suggests there may be a timely way to diagnose this type of injury. A study funded by a NASA affiliate looked at the connection between elevated intracranial pressure and eye movement. Because astronauts suffer cognitive and visual problems that mimic ICP, the organization wanted a way to quickly diagnose the difficulty. According to the research, this can be done with eye tracking.

Football player brain study reports nearly all brains had CTE

A research study of the brains of 202 former football players who had donated their brains to science found that 177 -- almost 90 percent -- showed signs of chronic traumatic encephalopathy. The brains came from deceased athletes who played in the NFL, during college and even in high school.

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