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Older cars at a higher risk for fatal accidents

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has released research stating that drivers of older model cars are at a higher risk of dying in an accident. Specifically, cars manufactured at least 18 years ago are 71 percent more likely to lead to a fatal crash than those made three years ago or earlier. This may cause many in Louisiana and elsewhere to reconsider their options when searching for used cars.

The NHTSA study goes on to state that vehicles that are eight to 11 years old are only 19 percent more likely to lead to fatal accidents. Those that are four to seven years old are only 10 percent worse.

Variables, such as driver age, blood alcohol content, the time of day, speed and the type of road were all taken into account for the study, which was confined to fatal crashes. Unsurprisingly, seatbelt use will increase one's chance of survival no matter the age of the car; however, the percentage was found to be greatest in newer models.

No matter how many safety features a new car may have, the driver can still get seriously injured in a crash. If a car accident was caused by reckless driving or negligence, an attorney could help the victim file a claim for damages. In the effort to prove the other driver's negligence, photographers may even be brought in to document the damage done to the car as well as any visible physical injuries. A successful injury claim may compensate the client for medical expenses, lost wages and property damage.

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