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Things to consider in a car accident settlement

Not many people give much thought to what is involved in a car accident settlement until they need one. There is a big misunderstanding that to file a claim for compensation, there must be an abundance of property damage, major injuries or death. However, it is possible for you to file a claim for compensation in a car accident situation when there is little to no property damage.

Because car accidents claims differ, it is important for you to understand how your actions after an accident can affect the amount of damages you can recover. Take some time to review the following information to better understand car accident claims.

The insurance company does not care about your situation

At some point, the insurance company is going to want to speak to you about the incident. They are going to question your recollection of events and try to get you to admit fault so they can pay less on your claim or not pay it at all. You may also be required to submit documentation about your car accident to support your claim.

To avoid saying something that may have an adverse impact on your claim, you should avoid speaking to your insurance company yourself. You may want to consider letting an attorney handle your insurance agent instead.

You may file for lost wages

If your injuries are serious enough to keep you from working, you may ask for lost wages for your current job and future employment. This does not apply to situations where you miss work because you are too tired after the ordeal to clock in; exceptions may apply. However, you need to supply proper documentation of your injuries and how they impact your life and ability to work. You should also include documentation regarding any ongoing treatments you may be required to undergo.

It is important for you to have realistic expectations regarding the timeliness of a car accident claim. You may not receive compensation for your injuries or situation right away. You may want to consider working with an attorney to prevent complications with your claim and maximize your compensation.

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