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Driving during changing weather conditions in Louisiana

The fall season is a time for cooler weather, colorful leaves, football games and pumpkin patches. While these may be positive images for many people, motorists should also remember that autumn also presents new driving hazards.

Since school starts back in the fall, there will be new teenage drivers on the road. In addition, there will be more buses and parents who are taking their children to school. Drivers should keep all these factors in mind during their morning commutes.

Weather issues also increase during the fall season. It's often foggier as warm and cool air combine. It's sometimes hard to see more than a few feet in front of your car when it's foggy. Furthermore, there's usually more rain in the fall. Keep in mind that this is a time of the year when the leaves will begin to fall from the trees. Rain combined with the leaves on the roads can mean slick driving conditions.

Autumn is also deer migration and mating season in many areas. These animals will be crossing the roads more often as they look for food. The early morning hours and late in the evening are the most popular times for deer to cross. Other animals will also start looking for other areas to make a warm home for the winter, so be sure to watch out for all creatures.

If one is hurt by a negligent driver who fails to take caution during the fall season, a personal injury attorney may be able to help file a claim. The lawyer could deal with any insurance companies and determine the at-fault party.

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