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Distracted driving may be prolific among younger drivers

Although motorists of all ages may feel concern and even irritation when they see another driver texting behind the wheel, approximately 33 percent of them feel confident in their own ability to simultaneously text and drive safely, according to a study conducted by Progressive Insurance . Because this particular attitude could lead to grave repercussions for everyone who shares the roadway, residents of Louisiana and other states may want to take note of additional study findings.

About 1,000 drivers 18 years of age or older who are insured through other carriers took part in the online research project, and stark different results were reported between older and younger age groups. In the 18- to 34-year-old age group, 64 percent of study participants are under the impression that most car crashes are caused by texting or other use of a phone while operating a motor vehicle, yet 62 percent of this age group apparently believe that they can buck the odds.

In sharp contrast, only about 6 percent of drivers age 55 and older felt the same level of confidence in their ability to safely text and drive at the same time. In both groups, more than 90 percent feel that texting and driving should be against the law, and 83 percent of all individuals who were surveyed say that law enforcement officials should be allowed to conduct traffic stops whenever they see drivers texting.

In Louisiana, car accidents caused by texting and driving can have serious consequences. Motorists who are seriously injured due to the distracted driving of another party may find it beneficial to turn to an attorney for help. Dependent upon the facts of the case, the attorney could determine the total extent of the client's loss and seek justice in the form of damages on that client's behalf in civil court.

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