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August 2017 Archives

Legal delays for autonomous vehicles

Self-driving cars have been much anticipated by many Louisiana motorists. Many manufacturers believe that autonomous cars will be widely available across the United States within the next decade. Other observers are not so sure. There are a variety of problems facing the market, one of the most significant being questions regarding accidents and liability.

Medical examiners to have discretion in sleep apnea referrals

An existing sleep apnea screening policy for truckers will remain in place following the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration's withdrawal of a proposed rule. Although the agency pursued work on the rule throughout 2016, officials now say that the current sleep apnea protocol is sufficient, which may leave motorists in Louisiana and other states across the country wanting to know more.

Surprising causes of big rig truck accidents

Louisiana motorists need to exercise extra caution when on the road near big rigs. According to statistics this is a good idea, but the biggest danger may actually be of the small vehicle driver making a mistake rather than the trucker causing an accident. It might surprise many that automobile drivers are at fault in about 70 percent of accidents involving large trucks.

Are car accidents becoming more common?

If you had to guess, would you say that car accidents are becoming more common or less common? Logic would dictate that, as we advance as people and as technology gets better, we would see less accidents. We should improve as time goes on, not get worse. However, new data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration shows that this thinking isn't always right -- and it certainly doesn't apply to car accidents, at least not recently.

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