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Older cars at a higher risk for fatal accidents

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has released research stating that drivers of older model cars are at a higher risk of dying in an accident. Specifically, cars manufactured at least 18 years ago are 71 percent more likely to lead to a fatal crash than those made three years ago or earlier. This may cause many in Louisiana and elsewhere to reconsider their options when searching for used cars.

The NHTSA study goes on to state that vehicles that are eight to 11 years old are only 19 percent more likely to lead to fatal accidents. Those that are four to seven years old are only 10 percent worse.

Slowing neuron growth after head injury may prevent epilepsy

Louisiana patients who suffered a traumatic brain injury may not have learned that the excessive growth of new brain cells that result from this type of injury may not be as beneficial as once thought. It was traditionally believed that the new brain cells helped in recovery, but a study now suggests that they could cause epileptic seizures and a long-term decline in cognition.

It is estimated that 1.7 million people suffer a traumatic brain injury every year in the U.S. Depending on the severity of the brain injury, the symptoms can include personality changes, impaired thinking and memory, and depression. Some individuals even develop epilepsy. Approximately 80 percent of these individuals begin to suffer from seizures within two years after the injury occurs.

Women and concussions

Louisiana women should know that if they have a concussion, they may exhibit symptoms that differ from those of men with the same condition. However, research on the topic has been sparse as the majority of concussion research has prioritized male patients. There is not enough scientific information to determine the reasons women sustain more concussions and why their symptoms may last longer.

The scientific research that does exist shows that the brains in women and men differ in a number of ways, including with regard to chemistry, anatomy, physiology and activity patterns. Women may experience concussions in ways that differ from men because of hormonal issues and the differences in certain aspects of the upper body, particularly the manner in which neck muscles respond to collisions. Women may also have a higher likelihood of admitting to concussion symptoms, like depression.

Distracted driving may be prolific among younger drivers

Although motorists of all ages may feel concern and even irritation when they see another driver texting behind the wheel, approximately 33 percent of them feel confident in their own ability to simultaneously text and drive safely, according to a study conducted by Progressive Insurance . Because this particular attitude could lead to grave repercussions for everyone who shares the roadway, residents of Louisiana and other states may want to take note of additional study findings.

About 1,000 drivers 18 years of age or older who are insured through other carriers took part in the online research project, and stark different results were reported between older and younger age groups. In the 18- to 34-year-old age group, 64 percent of study participants are under the impression that most car crashes are caused by texting or other use of a phone while operating a motor vehicle, yet 62 percent of this age group apparently believe that they can buck the odds.

Collision warning systems shown to prevent car accidents

Some Louisiana drivers own vehicles equipped with certain warning systems that are saving lives. These particular systems include lane departure warnings and blind spot alerts. However, drivers across the nation have been slow to adopt the use of these warning systems even the advantages are clear.

A study from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety found that the use of collision avoidance systems reduce the number of car accidents and injury accidents. The study utilized data from more than 5,000 car accidents that involved the type of collisions the collision warning systems were designed to prevent that occurred in 2015. The numbers showed that there was an 11 percent reduction in vehicles that had the warning systems equipped. They reduced the number of accidents that resulted in injuries by 21 percent.

Driving during changing weather conditions in Louisiana

The fall season is a time for cooler weather, colorful leaves, football games and pumpkin patches. While these may be positive images for many people, motorists should also remember that autumn also presents new driving hazards.

Since school starts back in the fall, there will be new teenage drivers on the road. In addition, there will be more buses and parents who are taking their children to school. Drivers should keep all these factors in mind during their morning commutes.

Things to consider in a car accident settlement

Not many people give much thought to what is involved in a car accident settlement until they need one. There is a big misunderstanding that to file a claim for compensation, there must be an abundance of property damage, major injuries or death. However, it is possible for you to file a claim for compensation in a car accident situation when there is little to no property damage.

Because car accidents claims differ, it is important for you to understand how your actions after an accident can affect the amount of damages you can recover. Take some time to review the following information to better understand car accident claims.

Research uses eye movements to detect brain injury

Louisiana residents who incur a traumatic brain injury may not be diagnosed immediately, but research presented at the Minnesota Brain Injury Alliance conference suggests there may be a timely way to diagnose this type of injury. A study funded by a NASA affiliate looked at the connection between elevated intracranial pressure and eye movement. Because astronauts suffer cognitive and visual problems that mimic ICP, the organization wanted a way to quickly diagnose the difficulty. According to the research, this can be done with eye tracking.

The study used a patented device known as the EyeBOX that showed a music video to patients along with a square that moved around a computer screen. The device tracked involuntary eye movements, so it was not necessary for a participant to be able to follow instructions. It found that when ICP was elevated, the effect on nerve function in the brain happened almost immediately afterward.

Legal delays for autonomous vehicles

Self-driving cars have been much anticipated by many Louisiana motorists. Many manufacturers believe that autonomous cars will be widely available across the United States within the next decade. Other observers are not so sure. There are a variety of problems facing the market, one of the most significant being questions regarding accidents and liability.

Just about everyone agrees that autonomous cars are supposed to be safer. A computer-controlled car can't get emotional, it can't drive drunk and it can't be distracted by a cell phone. Since an overwhelming majority of car accidents are caused by human error, cars that don't have these flaws would logically result in a dramatic decrease in accidents. Experts also claim that large numbers of autonomous cars would decrease congestion because they would be able to drive closer together safely.

What should I do after a car accident?

Car accidents in Louisiana are often one of life's most frightening and stressful situations. It is important for you to learn how to handle the aftermath of a car accident just in case you are ever involved in one.

Here is a brief overview on how you should handle a car accident situation.

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